Pacific Wildfire Smoked Verdelait - Natural Pastures

Pacific Wildfire Smoked Verdelait - Natural Pastures


You may have tried smoked cheeses in the past, and this is where this starts. You’ll first notice the rich and complex smoke flavour, contrasted by the creaminess of their cheese blend. Then the heat kicks in.

To imbue this new creation with heat, they chose locally grown hot peppers from family run Seal Bay Farm. This farm is run by the Lightfoot family, known for their hot sauces and pepper jellies. Their hot habanero is the one we chose for Pacific Wildfire – a fiery, fruity, and delicious pepper that packs a spicy punch.

To balance the heat from the peppers, they blend with their unique verdelait cheese, which has a hint of cheddar, raclette, and gouda. They finish with a touch of black pepper to accentuate the bold smokiness and turn up the flavour dial on the peppers. Believe us – you won’t find anything on the market quite like this.

Pacific Wildfire. It’s vibrant and sassy, evocative with a lingering finish. It’s a bold cheese made for the very brave.

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