The "BBQ Grill" Meat Box

The "BBQ Grill" Meat Box


This box has the selection of Two Rivers top-selling grilling meats. We never need an excuse to break out the BBQ. Hey, it’s the West Coast — we can bundle up, get an umbrella, and fire up that barbecue!

 In this premium box:

4 x Specialty Chicken Leg

2 x Natural Beef, Flat Iron Steak

4 x Natural Beef Burgers

4 x Bone-in, Pork Chop

8 x Fennel Italian Sausage

12 x Hot Dogs


So what is Two Rivers' "Natural" Beef? Thier partner ranchers raise beef the way nature intended. Naturally. The beef is raised on pasture for the majority of their lives with no antibiotics or hormones.


  • Naturally raised
  • Forage-fed
  • Grain-finished
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • Premium quality 


Specialty chicken is Non-GMO certified and grain fed with no animal by-products. The chicken is air chilled and antibiotic free resulting in delicious and healthy meat.

All items are frozen.

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